In Defence of Supergirl

I caught the trailer for the new Supergirl series, and I have to say, I’m actually looking forward to it. Naturally, many people have been spewing negative comments and reviews of this “fluffy” trailer so far.

I for one, do not need yet another gritty, dark reboot, I deeply appreciate a bright, hopeful Supergirl, saving the day because she wants to, because she feels like it, not because she has been forced into this position by whatever Big Bad looms over her existence. Granted, my first thoughts were, “oh she looks a bit like Felicity Smoak!” and “ha, it’s a younger boss from the Devil wears Prada.”

A lot of the negative comments are based on this upbeat Supergirl doing typically “girly” things. These are actual comments people have made on the trailer so far. Bare in mind, that the trailer is made from the first episode.
“Eugh, she’s trying on clothes.”
“She’s going on a date!?!”
“What’s with the lipstick?”
“This thing is a stillborn turd that will only appeal to 8-12 year old girls.”

OH MY GOD, how dare she want to go out, on a date, who does she think she is? Make-up, on a girl,  shocking, simply shocking! I mean how dare she be a superhero and have inherently female qualities. Of course, there are plenty of female secondary characters in other shows, they get to help and/or love the hero. Male heroes get to go on dates, they can have love interests, they can discuss their appearance, or have troubles at work without anyone batting an eyelid. So it makes you wonder, why are these problems when a female is placed at the centre of this scenario? Why do people have a problem with Supergirl?

A lot of criticism relates to concept that young girls will enjoy this show, personally I think that’s great. Michael’s daughter is 7 years old, and I love the idea that maybe she will enjoy the show, maybe she’ll ask questions about Supergirl, start reading comics, learning about other female characters, and who knows what else.

I just love that guys are complaining that this show is being marketed towards girls, as if 99% of all superhero media isn’t aimed at them.

There isn’t an issue when a female lead has typically masculine traits; strong, stoic, etc. Katniss kicks ass, and Arya Stark isn’t someone you want to meet in a dark alley, and that’s cool, but you don’t have to be strong woman, by stripping away your socially suggested female traits. You can have flowers in your hair and kick all of the butts in Halo, you can wear lipstick and quote Judge Dredd, you don’t have to be pigeon-holed, embrace all parts of your personality, be proud of you.

Remember, if you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn’t the real problem you?



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