Game of Thrones – The Gift Review

Game of Thrones – The Gift Review

Hi geeks and nerds.
Today lets take a moment to review last nights Game of Thrones. First off lets start with Winterfell.
Poor Sansa she just cannot get a break. This little weasel of a husband is just bringing her to the lowest she has ever been and at this point is really hard to see just how she is going to get out of this situation without killing the fecker. Theon seemed like he was heading to put the candle in the window and it did look like that is where is was going but maybe he did and just found weasel (yes i will not use his real name) there. I mean even Joffrey was better than this guy. God I hate him so much. Well hopefully she does kill him or Theon does. Man wouldn’t it be wonderful to see that. Theon ripping his head off.

Next there’s Kings Landing

My god the girls just are not having a good time of late. Margery is in prison and not at all looking her hot self and now she is joined by her mother in law. Seems like Cersei never counted on the High Sparrow to actually turn his back on her but of course he did. Serves her right though. She has done nothing but scheme this whole time and now its finally going to kick her is that nice ass of hers. Meanwhile Tomin is missing Margery as are all hot blooded males right now and Littlefinger is up to his usual 2 timing ways playing one woman off another with the Tyrells along for the ride.

At the Wall

I am completely gutted that Mayster Eamon is dead. i loved that dude. I wanted that dude as my grand dad. He was a bad ass blind man and  he will be missed. Gilly nearly got raped which would have been a bit much after last weeks episode  but thankfully her Sam was there to make sure she was ok and then Ghost came along at the right time to make sure Sam was OK. Gotta love a Dire Wolf. Finally Sam and Gilly kissed and then Oh My. Its weird to watch them 2 have sex as you feel like it would be like watching your younger brother have sex for the first time. But well done Sam for not blowing it or blowing it early sir. Meanwhile Jon has gone off to find more people to help fight. That was it for Jon this week. I am sad about leaving and now I have left. Oh and hot red woman wants Stanis to kill his little girl. Now that’s fucked up and he better not do it. I like her. She’s fun. Kill her Stanis and that’s the end of you and me.

Lastly across the sea.

For a moment there in Dorne I thought we were in for an upset. Imagine that singing mystro Jerome (AKA Bronn) was going to die. I would have bloody smashed my TV. I love that character and to be killed by pioson. I would have flipped out but looks like he has an admirer for his singing talents and maybe more in Tyene Sand. But what great breasts that woman has. Hats off to you lady. Meanwhile Jamie doesn’t know his own daughter but we aint here to talk about anyone else but Tyrion and Dany. What a moment when Jorah (without killing anyone) defeated all those slaves to win infront of his beloved. Then for Tyrion to walk out. Man this is going to be so interesting between those 2. I can already hear the smart ass comments from Tyrion and the oh really come on attitude back to full swing. 

My opinion

It was a slow one this week and being honest it could have ended with the Tyrion announcing himself scene but I am happy Cercei is getting what is coming to her. Overall I enjoyed it and its looking to be building to a massive snowy war at the end of the season. Hers just hoping the one person who doesn’t survive is weasel. 

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