A Geeky Dads Daily Routine

So what does a geeky working dad get up to during the week??

6 – 8am

Well my day starts when either the baby wakes up or my alarm rudely wakes me. I get up and put the kettle on, so that the baby has his water and milk bottles for the day. I turn on my PC and load the day’s vlog onto the PC for editing later. If the baby is up I get him his breakfast, then he and I get dressed, before I head out the door for work.

8 -6pm

Work, work, work. That’s mainly it until lunch time, when I can let loose my inner geek and sit down and watch my favourite Youtube shows. I also check my Snapchat (ravon1981) Instagram (Also Ravon1981), Facebook and Twitter. Currently I am loving my daily vloggers including KeepingKeegan Vlogs, Sacconejolys and the Kinsella Bunch. 

6 – 8pm

Daddy is home and spending some quality time with his amazing son and partner. Dinner is usually  finished for 7:30 so then its babies bath time. I do his bath so we play in there for a little while which he loves. He has a fascination with his penis at the moment. Typical male. The its down stairs and dressed for bed before he puts himself to sleep on his mummy. He is very good at that. Just knocks himself out. I hope that never changes.

8 – 10 / 11pm

Its mummy daddy time. We sometimes curl up on the couch and watch tv or else I play some games on the PC like World Of Warcraft or Fifa. I edit the vlog for the day, upload it and check my usual websites like IGN and Kotaku. We have tea and biscuits. I know we are Irish and not British but it’s so relaxing. Typically we are in bed and asleep for 11 because we be old people now sometimes (like tonight) I shall be asleep before 10 for work the next day. 
So goes a typical day in the life of a geeky working dad. Its really boring I know but its also so nice to know that my life is so settled into a lovely routine around family and that makes me the happiest and luckiest of the geeky dads. 

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