Game Of Throne – Hardhome Review

First off….. MAJOR SPOILERS.

Now that that is out of the way. OMGOMGOMG.
So after 5 weeks of a very slow burn, everything got messed up and escalated in this one episode. I have no idea where to start. But lets leave the madness til last, shall we.

Dany and Tyrion 

Lets chat first about our little man Tyrion. Has he finally met the person he can guide to the throne? It is looking like it. Tyrion brings a lot of experience of commanding and ruling to the table and there are some brilliant exchanges between himself and Dany already. Dany doesn’t want things to stay the same. He wants to demolish the big houses and let the common people have the remains. Is this a sound plan? Can she succeed? She could gain even more enemies than she already has with this strategy. But then again it might just be what Westeros needs.

Dany and Jorah

Jorah is exiled again. That man just cannot catch a break. First, he gets exiled, then gets infected by a Valarian stone man, and now he is exiled once again and seems to be on a path of self-destruction. I like Jorah. I have been that guy who likes the girl but she doesn’t feel the same so you kinda hang around and see how it works out hoping. It’s not nice but it is where he is. Jorah really just needs to get himself very, very laid. Although he probably spent a lot of coin in that brothel in Volantis, if you know what I mean…

Arya and Jaqen H’ghar.

Arya is on the path of the assassin it looks like. Her character is kind of just mulling time until she has the chance to strike the rest of those names off of her list, and that could be a long time away. First though, she has to kill an insurance sales man. Jesus I would worship the many faced god if I could do that! But will this all just lead Arya to ruin? She is trusting a murderer to teach her to murder. At what point will he try something? Can she trust a man with no face and no name?

Reek and Sansa

I have said it before and I will say it again. I do not like Reek. I think he is a terrible character and adds nothing more to the show. But sweet Jesus what a reveal. I was literally on the edge of my seat going “Is he going to tell her?” and then he did. What a moment. This changes Sansa’s goals immensely. She now knows / believes she is not the last Stark in the world and that gives her a fire in her belly and a reason to be strong, to not just give up. I hope she kills that weasel Ramsay. I wouldn’t mind Reek doing it but it would have the be unbelievably brutal, in order to redeem him. Like, I mean him literally ripping him to pieces with his bare hands, gnawing his face off like a rabid dog kind of brutal.


 Cersei is not having a good time of it at all. Her plans have all backfired and Tommen seems to just want to curl up with some Radiohead and forget the world, and the stress brought upon him with the looming trials of both his wife and mum at the moment. How could we blame him? Cersei has put in motion events she has no control over and they are all coming to bit her in the arse. She is where she deserves to be but she has to break at some point. She is not that strong a woman, she is not Ned Stark. When she does break, it is going to be very interesting for those around her and especially if she spills the beans on her lover brother and her children born of incest.

The Big Battle

That picture above describes it best. A man defeated even before the real battle has begun. What an amazing 20 minutes it was. We have found out a lot. That the undead have a leader. The Nights King. That he was the 13th lord commander of the Nights Watch and now he is taking his revenge. He can raise the dead all on his own Oh and he just said you are all fucked to the whole of Westeros. But we also find out that maybe Jon Snow is special after all after killing a white walker with just a sword or the sword is special because it is Valarian steel (Dragon Steel). Only time will tell on that one but when it happens you could hear the world go WFT in unison. This was a brutal battle and one with no hope of victory for Jon. Is this a foreshadowing of what is to come? Yes definitely. Could we see a Dany / White Walker show down in the final season? Well it is looking that way. But one thing is for sure. The squabbles of the men and lady for an iron throne mean nothing to an undead army just looking to wipe them all from existence. 

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