Steam Summer Sale Day 1 Suggestions

Its upon us. The great credit card destroyer of the year is here.

Daily deals.

Look at all these wonderful titles on the first day.
Metro Franchise – Buy???? Yes this is a great offer with the Metro Redux bundle only €7.99. I loved this game and I am sure you will also.
Naruto Storm – Buy???? Nah skip this not worth it.
Hotline Miami 2 – Buy???? Yes. Fun and great racing game. Definitely recommended.
Tales from Borderlands – Buy???? Yes. Katie just finished this on Xbox One and it is a fun return to the franchise.
Farming Simulator 15 – Buy??? Hell yes. My Pick Of The Bunch today. Amazingly fun game. Hard to get on consoles so PC version is fantastic.
Darkest Dungeon – Buy??? Pass.
Xcom Franchise – Buy???? Yes. Another great franchise on offer for only €6.79 for The Bureau and Enemy Unknown.
Valkyria Chronicles – Buy???? Yes yes yes. Amazing game and well worth €4.99. Hell buy 4. One for your friends each to enjoy.
Homeworld – Buy????? Yes. Amazing RTS and one that I can say for sure redefined it.
Wreckfest – Buy??? Nope just an early access.
The Binding of Isaac – Buy??? Yes brilliant game. So much fun to be had.
Sniper Elite Franchise – Buy????Buy Sniper Elite 3. Its only €13.79 which is a great game at a great price.
X Plane 10 – Buy???? Yes only if you like flight sims.
Dont Starve Together – Buy??? Early access again. So nope.
GTA – Buy??? Maybe. €55.79 for GTA V and San Andreas aint bad I suppose.
Some great buys in the first round. But more to come so stay calm and steam on.

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