Marriage Equality in America

As parents you always hope the best for your child. Whether it be in work or in life you want the best for them and you will always want them to succeed. But sometimes no matter what you want for your child laws or prejudice will always hold them back. It is not fair and it is not right but it it the world we live in. Thankfully here in Ireland we were the first country ever to introduce marriage equality by a public vote. Other countries have done it though government and laws but today America did it across the whole continent in their highest court in the land.

This is a great day for all LGBT people. I am not one of them but I can sympathize with the unfairness that comes along with not being able to marry the person you love. It is not a big ask. You will love that person hopefully until the day you die and you want to be able to celebrate that love and have all the rights that come along with being a married couple. These are peoples children who their parents wanted only the best for them. Now at least one hurdle has been taken from their road and they can live their lives a lot better.

Today happiness wins.


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