San Diego Comic Con Trailer Reviews

Hi Geeks and Geekettes

Today I give my reviews of some of the trailers from this years San Diego Comic Con. Now remember these opinions are just my own and if you disagree then that’s OK we all have the right to be wrong.

First up…..

Batman VS Superman – Dawn of Justice

Right so lets start off with a big one. BVS up until this point was not really on my radar. Yes I had heard about it and watched last years leaked teaser trailer but to that point I didn’t really care about it. This trailer has changed that. Not a great extent but enough to want to see this film now in the cinema. Batman looks pissed and Superman looks well like Superman. At last we find out that it was the destruction of a Wayne Enterprises building in Man of Steal that has set in motion the events in this movie but I hope that they do not dwell on it too much and move from it within the first hour and a bit onto something even better. At least Wonder Woman is looking amazing in this trailer but where is Aquaman?? Lets hope we get to see him in the next one.
Rating – 4 Stars. Has peaked my interest.

Ash VS Evil Dead

Next up we have iconic zombie horror returning as a TV show. Now this is a concept that I will fully endorse as long as they do not ruin it. With quick wit and a killer sound track this trailer brings to life what will surely be an amazing dark comedy series. Bruce Campbell is at his finest once again playing the title character of Ash which made him famous almost 30 years ago. We cannot see what this show has in store for us but whatever it is it is going to be bloody.
Rating – 4 Stars. Let the blood flow.

Hand of God

Amazon is taking on Netflix this fall with a host of Amazon Prime series. This is the most interesting. Ron Perlman is a judge who is suffering a breakdown and believes god wants him to deal out vigilante justice. Ron Perlman in anything peaks my interest (Lets forget Star Trek Nemesis). This is the kind of role he excels in and one I shall definitely be watching. Through on top of that a great supporting cast and you have a recipe for sure fire success.
Rating – 4.5 Stars. Hellboy is all about justice.

and still no damn Warcraft trailer ;(


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