Doctor Who Review "The Magician’s Apprentice"

Image by Lemonhead118 
I don’t know about you but the Season 9 premier of Doctor Who set both of my hearts racing! Jumping from horror, humour, drama and superfluous frivolity, yet behind the smoke and mirrors, forcing the audience to pay attention.
We open on a grim and ghastly warzone, a child runs amidst the smoke and gunfire, catching the eye of a valiant soldier. Sending his comrades on, the soldier attempts to save the young boy,be ripped into the earth. There he stands, a defenceless child in a mine field, all alone, with no chance of escape. BUT landing at his feet is a sonic screwdriver, and a man in the smoke calls out to him, to help save him, all he asks is the boys name. Who is this innocent child? Davros, creator of the Daleks and the Doctor’s future arch enemy.
Then we are left with a bone chilling conundrum, do you save the child who will become a harbinger of destruction, or do you destroy him first?
Leaving that ethical quandary, a snakey man is searching for the Doctor, venturing out to the Shadow Proclamation, the Sisterhood of Karn and a bunch of other nods to nostalgia. Davros is looking for the Doctor, Davros remembers. Although does Davros only now remember because it is something that the Doctor did recently, or was this something that he simply forgot as he created emotionally stunted murder cyborgs?
Dalek by Scarecr0w13 
What could have easily filled an entire episode, lasted but a few minutes, the #planeshavestopped was but a message from the eccentrically divine and masterfully deranged Missy. The only reason for which is to get Clara’s attention, The Doctor is in danger, and Missy requires Clara’s aid in order to find him. Missy has been sent the Doctor’s confession dial, which I feel will have some greater significance later on the series.  Missy also point out that it was sent to the Doctor’s closest friend, Missy, not Clara. Which means of course, that the Doctor suspected that Missy had not, in fact evaporated after all.
In Medieval times, the ROCKtor makes his entrance, shades on, playing a guitar, while riding a tank, because of course he does. The snap, crackle and pop wacky antics are cut short here as snakey man shows up to take the Doctor to Davros. Being the spunky young go-getter Clara demands that she and Missy shall be accompanying them, at which point they too are bound by snakes.
The Doctor and Davros have a natter while Missy and Clara go exploring, only to discover that they had not been brought to a spaceship after all, but they were walking on the surface of Skaro, home of the Daleks! Davros, still holding on to the screwdriver that was thrown to him as a boy, shows the Doctor the extermination of his friends. Ending on a cliffhanger, in anticipation of the second episode of this two parter, what will the Doctor do next..?
Fan Theory:
Missy and Clara are not dead, but have in fact been transported somewhere with Missy’s teleporting doo-hickey bracelets. The confession dial will have a greater impact later on in the series. Missy will be a temporary companion, in order to shift the relationship dynamic.This is the second season premiere that Capaldi’s face has been mentioned, I can’t help but think that it is relevant somehow. The TARDIS hasn’t been destroyed otherwise this would be an extremely short season of Doctor Who.
Answer Me These Questions Three

  1. How did Davros escape the Crucible in “Journey’s End”?
  2. Did Davros re-create Skaro, or has it been in a pocket universe all this time?
  3. Did the Doctor create Davros?
Final Thoughts
It’s good that Clara is doing something, and not just sitting on her hands, waiting for the Doctor. Even shredding an axe, astride a tank, the scene is stolen by Missy. Capaldi may chew on the scenery with every take, but Michelle Gomez takes a bite and swallows it whole. Episode One was a fast paced, exhilarating kick up the arse that the show needed. I am so happy that we’ve moved past the constant questioning of is the Doctor a good man? I love Peter Capaldi, I prefer him to Matt Smith. Give me more, give me more! 



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