8 of Best Geeky Girl PJ’s!

I love pyjamas, I do, I really do. In fact, I have always loved pyjamas, they are the epitome of comfort, nothing in this world feels as lovely as a new pair of pyjamas. Even as a child, after enduring 8 hours in starched collars and polycotton pinafores at school, to running about in “durable” play clothes, all I wanted to do was have my mermaid Matey bubble bath, complete with bubble beard, and climb into my pink and white striped flannel pjs. I looked like Bagpuss, it was adorable. I would have happily spent all day in my pyjamas, I still would. Thankfully, in recent years it has become more socially acceptable to loll about in pjs with the concept of loungewear, which, let’s face it, is a word we made up to make us feel better about not wearing real people clothes for three days.
I can’t deny it though, nothing hits me right in the nostalgia quite like a Disney nightdress! The Snow White nightshirt from Topshop is simply beautiful. The framed silhouettes, almost retelling the story, the birds flying towards Snow White, the bitten apple, and let’s not forget the dwarves! I love it so much, I really do. The retro/worn style of New Look’s Little Mermaid nightshirt reminds me so much of 6 year old me singing Part of Your World in the bathtub. Mucho love for these designs!
    Snow White Nightdress +Topshop                  The Little Mermaid Nightdress +New Look 
I love me some Harry Potter, I love it more that Hagrid loves horrifically dangerous creatures. When one can’t read Harry Potter, one should wear Harry Potter. These are awesome,  not only are these Hogwarts pyjamas, but each one is specific to your house quidditch colours! So far these are my favourite HP pj sets on all of etsy!
Quidditch Loungewear by AlisonWunderlandAcc on Etsy

As much as I enjoy Minnie Mouse, nothing beats the original lovable rodent. Time for some retro Mickey, or is it Vintage, wait… is Mickey Mouse an Antique? Anyway, I digress, these beauties are from H&M. I wasn’t too keen on the bottoms that were part of the set in the first picture, but I did find the Mickey print, fleecy bottoms that were so much cooler anyway! You know, I would actually wear that top, in real life, as outside clothes. Oh but do you know what I need to see? Some Steamboat Willie, or Sorcerer’s Apprentice pjs kicking about!
Mickey Mouse Loungewear & Mickey Print Bottoms by +H&M 

Now, I don’t want to sound biased, but, I think Penneys might have the best nerdy/nostalgic pyjama section. Oh, in case you didn’t know Penneys in Ireland=Primark in the UK. It took me an unusually long amount to time to whittle down my favourite sleepy-time  selection. I love the Cookie Monster fluffys, they are so fuzzy and cosy, and they really make it feel more authentic when I stomp through the kitchen yelling “COOKIEEEEEEEEEES!!” Just look at the Little Miss loungewear, I mean really, there’s even a Little Miss conga line down the leg, now that’s dedication! I can’t lie, I literally made a high pitched squealing noise when I clapped my eyes on the Care Bear pyjamas! The Care Bears were my childhood, and HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT FLUFFY ADORABLE FACE YOU MONSTERS!?!? 
Cookie Monster, Little Miss & Care Bear Pyjama Sets +Primark 

I need all of the money, so that I can acquire these pyjamas, every, last one. The only way that pjs could get any better, is if they start making Xena nightwear. You know it’s true, you do, deep down in the very pit of your soul! Although, I do have to say, that I’m extremely happy that companies have discovered that women also enjoy geeky nightwear, and that I am no longer required to purchase all of my bedclothes from the men’s section! 
I used to have nightwear emblazoned with Animal from the Muppets, it was my favourite pair of pyjamas, which I inevitably destroyed while chasing a kitten that I found under a sink. (Long story) Oh and I’m pretty sure that I lived in a My Little Pony nightdress until  it crawled off of my body and died in the corner, when I was eight. Ha, and my big brother had to be wrestled out of his Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles pjs every morning. Did you have a favourite pair of pyjamas growing up? Do you have a favourite pair now? I have a Batman onesie, and I must say it’s pretty awesome.


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