May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day Everybody!

To celebrate Star Wars day, I have personally scoured the web for the best Star Wars style  for all of you. Also for me, definitely for me, but you’re good too.

Beautiful Bags

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the absolute glory that is this bag? This little beauty is from the Disney store and is retailing at about £50/€65 but unfortunately these Loungefly BB8 bags are currently out of stock. You can see why though, they are just, so , BEAUTIFUL. I love this so much, I really do, I am waiting impatiently fo this to come back into stock, because I deserve one dammit!!!


Tip Tops!

Over at there is an awesome collection of tees, tops and dresses, to suit a wide variety of personal styles. From the pastel Cloud City print dress, the Chanel inspired Do or Do NOt chiffon tee, subtle rebel/empire print cardi and the well, not so subtle Ewok hoody, there really is something here that is bound to match your tastes! The prices vary from $20 up to about $90, depending on the item, which I think is fair considering the quality of product that you’re getting. All I know id that I want that Cloud City Dress, with matching pastel candy unicorn hair RIGHT NOW!!


Etsy’s Best

After spending far too long looking at Boba Fett inspired breastplate bikinis, I finally came across these fantastic finds. The diddly doodley hair pins from Doodle Button were a refreshing site from all of the R2-D2 hair bows that were overtaking the accessories page. I fell in love with this cute little garter belt by scarboroughrose which who knows, I may have on under my own wedding dress someday. I hit a goldmine when I discovered a little shop UtinniBikini with an amazing array of tops, skirts, swimsuits and yes, you guessed it, bikinis! The best part about Utinni Bikini is that all of their bikinis are padded, which is a Godsend for those of us who are a) small chested and b) don’t feel like flashing our nipples at everyone in the waterpark thank you!


Toddlers at Target

Now, you know that I wasn’t going to leave out something for the tots! I have an obsession with dressing my not quite a 2 year old in gorgeous, geeky clothing whenever I can afford to/get the chance. Luckily these wookie tops are both in the sale right now, so I would nab them before they’re gone forever! I should mention that they do also have Yoda hoodies, and other star wars tees, but these were my favourites by far!

star wars knockknock

There was a definite lack of shoes, trust me I searched, without getting lost in the whirpool of credit card debt that dear, sweet etsy can be! Next year my friends, next year! Remember it doesn’t have to be Star Wars Day for you to revel in your Rebel Alliance gear. Plus if you’re in a bit of a pickle finance wise, you can always make your own Star Wars Tee, just like I did here!

Don’t forget that you can catch me on twitter, instagram, snapchat and practically every other social media outlet! Tweet/instagram me YOUR Star Wars styles or favourite Star Wars gear with the hashtag #StarWarsStyle  I’m so excited to see what you’re all wearing! (That sounded significantly less creepy in my head)


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