Hospital Labour Bag Checklist

Sometimes it can be difficult deciding what to pack in your bag for your hospital stay, when you go into labour. You will find list after list online of what you need to bring with you, and many hospitals give you their own personal pamphlets, because of the services they offer/supplies that they have. Personally I found that it was easier to separate my hospital luggage into two, the first for the labour/birth and the second for the postnatal hospital stay. With this being my second time around, I’m a bit more prepared, not much, but that’s just me! This is what I am bringing in my labour/birthing bag.

Maternity bag 03

  1. Tablet because the birthing process may take a long time, and I may need a distraction. Plus you can download a super handy contraction app & tain your other half to use it!
  2. Notepad & Pen You have so many documents and forms to sign in the hospital that it’s better to have your own stationery, believe me. It’s also handy for later on when your mind is mush & you have to remember who gifted what.
  3. Change purse for hospital parking & possible snack machine runs by your birthing partner, it could be a long night and you’ll need the energy.
  4. Cotton pillowcase is the perfect size sheet for the baby mattresses in my local hospital.
  5. Muslin cloth for general mucus-y baby stuff
  6. Water bottle, I took gas & air last time, and plan to again, it make you very thirsty, plus labour is very thirsty work!
  7. Baby clothes & nappy, I put a bodysuit (popper vest), sleepsuit, hat, mittens and nappy/diaper in a labelled zip lock bag. This is so that Daddy, or the nurses can easily find it once baby has been cleaned off and needs to be dressed.
  8. Cellular blanket to wrap baby in for its journey from the labour unit to the maternity ward. Also it’s baby’s first blanket.
  9. Extra nappies, in case baby pees/poops before my hospital suitcase is carted in by Daddy.
  10. Hairband and hair ties, to keep my hair out of my face for no fuss no muss.
  11. Nursing bra, as I am planning to breastfeed again. If you’re planning on bottle feeding, then I suggest a decent sports bra, NO UNDERWIRE! You’ll need the support.
  12. Button up nightshirt to give birth in, the front buttons make it easier to bring baby close for skin to skin contact asap.
  13. Pyjamas (Not Shown) to change into post-birth, mine are front opening for ease of access to the boobs.
  14. Knickers, old knickers to be exact, I tried the disposable pants last time but they were so crappy that I’m just wearing old pants. I’ll treat myself to some hilarious new pairs afterwards.
  15. Vaseline in a handy travel tin. Dry lips are often a side effect of gas and air.
  16. Cooling spray, by the old Gods and the New, this is a lifesaver, I was a hot, sticky, sweaty mess & got Daddy to spray me between grunts and hand crushing.
  17. Socks are a must, even though I felt like I was being roasted, my feet were freezing!
  18. Shower Puff, for the post-birth shower, oh how I need this. Yes it’s a pig, shut up.
  19. Maternity pads are needed especially if your waters break first, like mine did. They’re going to be needed post-birth too.
  20. Snacks, individually wrapped snacks in case of a) a long labour, or b) I’m hungry at 2am.
  21. Flip Flops for the hospital shower, safety first!
  22. Wash bag, all products from Lush! I have Whoosh shower jelly, Jumping Juniper shampoo bar, Big conditioner bar and Serendipity soap. For my post birth shower because I deserve this.

Not shown are:

  • Phone to take pictures of my fresh human & call family members.
  • Hospital/pregnancy notes.
  • Birthing plan, which is more of a guideline really.
  • Earbuds to plug into my tablet for soothing music.
  • Breastpads, you know, for leakage.
  • Charger for phone/tablet
  • Camera, for vlogging and baby pics!!

So that is what I am bringing in my birthing/labour bag, which is always near me, just in case this tot decides to come early just like the last one! If you can think of anything that I should have packed or if you have any questions, then feel free to leave me a comment, or you can hit me up on twitter, facebook, snapchat or tumblr, I’m on all of the webs!

Next time I’ll show you what’s in my hospital stay suitcase!



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