What’s REALLY In My Hospital Bag!

This is my second time around doing the whole “bringing life into the world” thing, and I’d like to think that I have learned from my previous experience. Last time, or, well, the first time really, I obsessively researched and read as many checklists as I could find. From hospital leaflets to mother & baby sites and everywhere in between. I ended up with too much of one and not enough of the other, I was constantly on my phone getting people to bring me extra sleepsuits and what have you. It was an unmitigated disaster. This time I’m a bit more prepared. In my last maternity post, I showed you what I’m bringing in my labour bag, now, prepare yourself for my big, pink, maternity ward suitcase!

The reason that I split this into a labour bag and a maternity ward bag, was because trying to lug a huuuuuuge suitcase or holdall between wards is not only a pain in the bum, but it makes the whole situation extra stressful and to be honest, stress is the last thing you need when you have to focus all of your energy into bringing forth your fresh human!


It’s the bare necessities, oh Mama’s bare necessities, to ease your stay in hospital (again).hbag4

  1. Pillow because the hospital ones are thin and I’ll need the extra support when I’m breastfeeding at 4am. I am also getting Daddy to bring in my body pillow and my Clevamama nursing pillow, which may seem excessive, but my back and arms will thank me afterwards.
  2. Kimono as a light dressing gown, the maternity ward is hot, so very hot, and I’m due in early June, so I’m not taking any chances.
  3. Soft, fluffy towel. Just one for now, I deserve luxury dammit and the pink may hide any spots of blood.
  4. Pyjamas, several pairs. I have front opening and stretchy vest tops for ease of getting the baby to the boobies.
  5. Towelled hair band to keep my mop back when I’m cleaning/refreshing my face.
  6. Breast Pads, just in case of leakage.
  7. Maxi-pads! My local shop ran out of maternity pads, so I picked up the ultra-absorbent, heavy duty night time pads. Trust me they work just as well.
  8. Hair supplies, more details to follow.
  9. Sock supply because slippers are too hot it can be a bit of a struggle to put them on and off whenever I need to go to move.
  10. Knickers! All of the pants, cotton and comfy.
  11. Make-up brushes. Yes, that’s right.
  12. Make-up bag. That’s why I need the brushes.
  13. Eyeshadow palette in natural tones.
  14. Witch-hazel, to ease the discomfort on the old hoo-ha. If  you can get your hands on a spray bottle, it will relieve you so much when you pee.
  15. Toiletries, you know, for general hygiene purposes.



  1. Nappies/diapers, 3 packs, because newborns can go through 12 nappies a day and I’d rather be prepared for the constant expulsion of bodily fluids!
  2. Six bodysuits/vests, with more being delivered to me after Day 01. So that I have two per day, plus extra due to nappy leakages, vomiting, etc.
  3. Changing mat, last time I was changing the baby in their bed, or on mine, which led to baby urine/poop on so many sheets and muslins. This makes cleaning easier.
  4. Nappy cream. To soothe little bums.
  5. Muslin cloths, to protect clothes from burping. vomit, poop, and in case baby sheets need replaced.
  6. Spare cellular blanket, just in case baby soaks or spews on the initial one.
  7. Super soft ramer baby sponges for baby’s first bath.
  8. Antiseptic wipes to clean umbilical cord/bellybutton.
  9. Baby oil, to keep the little one’s skin protected and hydrated.
  10. Cotton wool pleat, I use this instead of baby wipes, I run a bit under a warm tap when cleaning baby’s bum, it makes the bum cleaning an easier experience.
  11. Baby hats and scratch mittens, with baby being used to the hot tub that was mummy’s tummy, they need heat and they need to not scratch themselves in the face.
  12. Two baby towels, soft and fluffy for bath time!
  13. Six sleepsuits, with more to arrive after Day 01. Two per day, plus extra to cover spillages of bodily fluids, which is more common than you think.


Now, you’re probably wondering, why does she need hair stuff, she’s won’t have the time, she’ll be too busy with the new baby, why does she care about her hair? Well, let me tell you, that not only do I have hair that resembles a poodle after a fight in a lightning storm, but I want to have at least one picture, where I look pretty with my baby. I know that probably seems like a selfish thing, but in every single photo of my first baby and I, I look drained, messy and uncomfortable. Plus, I have every intention of setting my hair after my first shower, while baby is having bonding time with Daddy.


  1. Superdrug Soft rollers, I can sleep in them quite easily, plus I can throw these bad boys in in 15 minutes.
  2. Swartzkopf Salt spray, this makes it so much easier to wet set my hair.
  3. Nicky Clarke Smoothing cream, to de-frizz my dry hair.
  4. Hair pins are just the handiest things.
  5. Tail comb, for sectioning.
  6. Glasses, becuase I’m blind and they fit in this bag.
  7. Argan oil for after my shower, it helps de-frizz the mane.
  8. Nylon scarf to wrap my hair and my hair tangling after the rollers are in.
  9. Contact lenses, in case I feel like not wearing my glasses.
  10. Hair brush, because, of course!


Yes, make-up, just a small selection. Between the few daytime hours where I’m too wired to sleep and the fact that every single visitor will be uploading picture after picture to Facebook, I have made the conscious decision to make me look less like a re-animated corpse.

hbag makeup

  1. Catrice primer, to smooth out my stressed out skin.
  2. Vitamin E moisturiser, soothing and refreshing.
  3. No7 Eyebrow pencil with brush, you can tell I love it as it’s down to a nub.
  4. Eyebrow powder in dark blonde, because all of the brown shades make me look like the angry lovechild of Oscar the Grouch and Brooke Shields.
  5. Compact mirror so that I can actually see what I’m doing.
  6. Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in Light Porcelain, although I think the only way that I’m ever going to find a perfect match for my skin, then they’ll have to create a new shade in Cadaver.
  7. Rimmel Hide the Blemish concealer, to cover up blemishes/dark circles that are inevitable.
  8. Elizabeth Arden eyeliner in Umber, because I want defined eyes, I don’t want to look like I’m going on a night out.
  9. Undress Your Skin highlighter, to brighten up my skin.
  10. Revlon rose blusher, so that I look a little less undead and a little more refreshed.
  11. Rimmel Extra Long Lash mascara.
  12. Nude pink lip liner, which I might use, but it has a handy sharpener that I may need.


I picked up this travel case in Penneys/Primark and I just kept adding to it. It makes personal hygiene a no muss, no fuss situation.


  1. Deodorant wipes, with the heat in the hospital, these are handier and much more discreet than pulling your roll-on out of your bag every hour.
  2. Facial cleansing wipes, to keep you going when the cue to the wash room is too long.
  3. Mouthwash, non-alcoholic, I just love the clovey flavour!
  4. The travel washbag, for all of your toiletry needs.
  5. Dental floss, just in case.
  6. Toothbrush and mini-toothpaste (not shown, because I picked it up after I took the picture).
  7. Eye make-up remover pads, because you NEED to take off your make up at night!
  8. Under eye dark circle patches, because let’s face it, I’m going to have giant bags under my eyes otherwise.
  9. Soft facial sponges, which are spares to my konjac sponge, which, let me tell you, is amazing!


So that’s all folks! That’s everything that I am taking with me to the hospital. If you have any questions about anything here, I am more than happy to discuss/divulge with you! You know what’s funny, even though I have a ridiculously comprehensive list, I can’t help but think that I’ve forgotten something impotant….


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