So I’m Having a Blizzard Baby

The Warcraft movie is coming out soon, which is great, however, the release date is cutting it a bit fine with my due date. Right okay, what’s the problem with that? I hear you ask, it’s just a movie.

Except it isn’t, it really isn’t. Try telling the guy in the homemade Han riding a tauntaun cosplay that Star Wars is just a film. If you think it’s just a movie, then you really don’t understand.

The love of my life, father of my child(ren) and future husband is a complete and utter Blizzard fan. (I don’t know the collective term, WoWtard? WoWwie? WoWian? /shrug) He has been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans. We both have WoW on our computers, what can I say the lore is engrossing, Diablo on the Xbox, Hearthstone on our tablets. Well I don’t have Hearthstone anymore, my tablet is too slow so I just play it on my laptop when I get the chance. (I have a toddler, I’m very busy.) The other day Michael, frankly was forlorn, sunken into our makeshift inflatable gaming chair with heavy heart as the Overwatch Beta ended.

He was so excited to be included in the Overwatch closed Beta. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a 6’2″ ginger man giggle with glee, but let me tell you, it is a beautiful thing to behold, like a unicorn galloping majestically through a rainbow.

His love of all things Blizzard make it ridiculously easy to get him birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas and anniversary gifts. vouchers, game time and the like are super handy to get from the kids. I even managed to get him some of the Mega Bloks Warcraft sets before they stopped making them. Best Christmas ever haha.


We have CDs for the car, full of Blizzard’s orchestral themes, books on ancient and recent lore, plush murlocs, Funko pop vinyls, Mega Bloks, collectors editions, and a Thrall figurine, because everybody needs a bit of Thrall in their life. If we had more money, we would probably have more merch, but such is life and you’ve just got to suck it up. Ha, Michael played the Cataclysm soundtrack so often in my first pregnancy, that our toddler still likes cuddle up with Daddy and listen to it before bedtime.

Every year he gets a digital Blizzcon ticket, a little treat for himself, and as far as I know, we missed out on a concert because of me being very extremely pregnant, so he already has our tickets sorted for next year.

If you’ve seen any of my Youtube videos, then you’ll know that I like to get crafty. I made myself a pair of Fellfire Horde Heels, although I shouldn’t have waited until I was 6 months pregnant to make them, because they’re 6 inches and I have to gaze at them longingly from afar. About two years ago, I made a little Alliance shield picture for the nursery. Huh, I tend to make stuff when I’m pregnant don’t I? I am hoping to get some other stuff made before this baby pops out, but you never know.

When discussing our birth plan, Michael looked me dead in the eye and said, “I love you, I do, but Blizzard has been in my life longer than you. I have been waiting for this film for 10 years Katie, 10 years!” I’m pretty sure that he was half joking, maybe….but honestly, I really don’t have an issue with that. I know that if I gave him the ultimatum, he’d miss the opening night of the film. that being said, I have been applying and entering every single Warcraft movie competition in this country, to try and get him to the Irish premiere. At the end of the day, I know that he loves me, and our child(ren) and he doesn’t expect or ask for much in life, I think I can let him have this one.

We have absolutely no idea what gender our baby is, we really don’t, as a result we have two names picked out. Yes, we are naming our second born after a character in World of Warcraft. It’ll be a middle name of course, I like WoW, but I also don’t want my kid beaten up in the playground by the school bullies, Drake and Katniss.

I am having a Blizzard baby, and I am proud to have a Blizzard baby, as long as it doesn’t come out with horns, that’d be awkward. ..


Artwork by Osobology

As always you can follow me on instagram, twitter, snapchat and youtube. Let me know what your obsessions are, or how you picked your baby names? I love finding out how people picked them!


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