10 Geeky Baby Boy Names

(Top 10 Baby Boy Names That Won’t Scar Your Kid For Life.)

So maybe you’re a trekkie, or you spent most of your teen years considering the physics of Lara Croft’s gravity defying Cubist boobs, or you could have read the Hunger Games cover to cover, all I know is that if you’re here, you’re a (prospective) geeky parent, or you just like lists. Nerdy names can be a great thing, but sometimes they can be a tad dramatic. Here’s a list of the top ten nerdy baby boy names that will make it less likely for your kid to get beaten up in the playground!

  1. Kent If you’re a huge Superman fan, then I beg of you, don’t name your child Kal-El, and opt for the much more subtle Kent. Unusual enough to be interesting, without crossing that line.
  2. Zachary After Spock 2.0 or Zachary Levi, who may or may not be king of the nerds! (And I maybe sort of named my first child after these guys!)
  3. Logan Wolverine himself. That is all.
  4. Jean-Luc Let’s face it, people will just think that you like French names.
  5. Wil All hail the great Wil Wheaton!
  6. Jack Either Captain Jack Sparrow, or Captain Jack Harkness, take your pick!
  7. Nathan Demi-Geek Nathan Fillion is a God amongst men!!!
  8. Campbell From the legend that is Bruce THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK Campbell.
  9. Xander is such a cute name, plus he was the second best part of Buffy and you know it!
  10. Ford after the great Harrison Ford, that way you get king of cool Han Solo, AND the awesome Indiana Jones!

What’s your favourite nerdy name for boys? What do you think should have made the list, let me know!


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