May Favourites 2016

May came and went, as it tends to do, so here I shall share with you my favourites for the month of May! There are you few things I just could not live without and some I just wanted, I WANTED I TELL YOU! Don’t forget you can also catch my favourites video over on my Youtube Channel too. See you there lovelies!

I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible habit of putting off buying something that I want, only to have it disappear whenever I finally do decide to get my arse in gear. So when I saw this cactus cushion in Penneys, I knew that I had to have it, and have it I did. I love it so much! This time of year I gravitate towards things with melons, pineapples or cacti. Especially if there is some kind of pun involved.


It just brightens up the room, doesn’t it!?

Being so very extremely pregnant, I am carrying a lot of extra weight. I’m also running about after a toddler, so I am on my feet most of the time. Plus, reaching my feet can even be a bit of a struggle at this point. Anyway, I’ve been using one of my favourite products ever to help soothe the old tootsies, and show them the soft skin care that they need. Heel Genius by Soap & Glory converts my hobbit feet back to tip top condition!


Who needs a pedicure when you have this baby!?

In addition to my poor feet, I’ve also been dealing with the heat, oh my the heat! That’s the thing.  When you’re quite pregnant and it’s actually warm in Ireland, which granted, is rare, you tend to overheat. I bought a Magicool cooling mist spray from Boots, yes Boots again. Oh this thing is amazing. I have one in my labour bag, I have one in my handbag, I keep them everywhere! Even my toddler loves getting misted!


Magi, magicooooooooool

You know what, bitches go craycray for FroYo, yo! I discovered that there is not one, but two places that do frozen yoghurt in my town. This is a place that doesn’t have a late night coffee bar. I took the little man in for some FroYo, because we deserved it dammit! Also it was extremely hot. I had no idea how much I needed mango frozen yoghurt in my life. Oh wow guys, just wow. He may have enjoyed it too, just a wee bit…

Get that Summer feeling with Penneys! Well, I did. I picked up some ice pop silicone moulds, an insulated drinks cup and some lovely colour coordinated paisley napkins. Now I know that I don’t need paisley printed paper napkins, but they are just so pretty! The drinks cup with the integrated straw is so handy, I had so much ice tea over the second half of May, this cup was perfect!

So a little game came out this month, you may have heard of it… Overwatch by Blizzard, I love everything about this game. I haven’t had the chance to play much, but I really enjoyed what I could play, being the Nooby Boob that I am. I’ve even got quite into watching Michael play it. Which he does, and often. We time share the Xbox, so we don’t get as much time as we’d like to play everything. I love everything about this game, from the lore to the video shorts. I also got the recruit kit which came with a bloody LP, an Lp!!


I like to flitter flutter my eyelashes and frankly I think they can really make you go from drab to glam in well, a blink of an eye. I tried out the Superdrug individual lashes. I much prefer them to strip lashes, I haven’t really been feeling the strip lashes as of late. They tend to look a bit clunky and false, maybe it’s just that I’m really bad at applying them. However, the individual lashes I think are a lot more forgiving, especially if you make a mistake. The first pic is just the lashes with no make up, and you can see how they just brighten the face.

Well that’s all folks for May’s favourites. As far as I’m aware this is my first Favourites blog! Oh this is exciting. Next month may all be baby related as my tiny human is due here in two days! haha. Let me know if you any of my favourites, were you’re favourites, or if you think I’m way off base. Anyhoo, I’ll catch you next time. Although if there is any radio silence, assume I’m in the hospital. You can always follow me on snapchat on Catwoodishere to keep up with me. Always ready to chat!! xx


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