4 Reasons Slytherins Aint So Bad

I’ve been on Pottermore, I have been sorted by the sorting hat and I am in fact, a Slytherin! Now, I can assure you, that although I may daydream about your demise and converse through a complex combination of insults and sarcasm, I am not evil. Like I said, I may not like you, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to attack your favourite grandmother with the cruciatus curse. I might be an arse, but I’m not a monster. This post shall explain why Slytherins aren’t so bad after all.


Salazar Slytherin

It was assumed by most that Salazar Slytherin himself, was a bigot, with an unjustified prejudice against muggles and muggle-borns, however I really don’t believe this to be the case. He didn’t aimlessly hate anyone who wasn’t pure blood, he just didn’t trust them, and with good reason too. Even as early as the 10th Century when Hogwarts was founded, there was a great hatred towards witchcraft, with many muggles associating magic with Satan. It wouldn’t do too well if muggle born Mary decided to tell her extended family about her new school of Witchcraft & Wizardry, only to have the entire village their torches and pitchforks and murder everyone in her herbology class. So you know, maybe Slytherin was a bit more concerned with protecting the wizarding community, and less about keeping the undesirables out.


The Chamber of Secrets

It is all too easy to assume that the Chamber of Secrets was created as a weapon to purge the school of muggle born students. Which, even Professor Binns states is part of the rumour surrounding the CoS and not a fact. However, if we take the point made about Salazar Slytherin not being bigoted, then we can see that the CoS was not a weapon, but was a (somewhat misguided) line of defence for the school. So if magic hating/witch persecuting muggles had stormed the castle, that the heir of Slytherin would be able to use the Basilisk to protect the teachers and students from them. Remember folks, it was Tom Riddle who first used the bigass snake to attack people.


Death Eaters

So imagine that you’re in Slytherin House, and as a result the other three houses treat you like crap, your common room is a dungeon and everyone acts like you’re worthless or evil. Then this guy comes along, a charismatic leader, and you’re swayed by his allure, he tells you that if you follow him, you will never be treated like the dirt on someone’s shoe ever again. You will have respect, you will have power, and you’ll also have a badass tattoo! (But look, all of your friends have badass tattoos too, and this will in no way have any negative effects in the future.) Maybe you’re not too sure about this seemingly charming fellow, but all of your friends have joined, and you’ve basically been told that anyone who doesn’t follow the Dark Lord, will submit, or will be obliterated. So it probably seems like a good option just to keep your head down and follow the crowd.


The Battle of Hogwarts

Many people seem to have an issue with the fact that Slytherin house wanted to hand Harry over, instead of fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts. These are children, many of whom have heard first hand accounts of what Voldemort could and would do. Fully grown adults were terrified of him, can you imagine how an 11 year old would feel? Finally the other three houses had a common enemy, Slytherin didn’t. Who made up the Death Eaters? Slytherins, that’s who. Whether they’re 11 or 17, it’s a lot to ask a child to go onto the battlefield and use an unforgivable curse against their own parents, their friends’ parents, older brothers and sisters. Give them a break, seriously guys.


So there you have it, 4 reasons why Slytherins aren’t so bad after all. I’m a SLytherin and proud, but there are worse things than being cunning, ambitious and resourcefulness, don’t you? What house are you in & do you think Slytherins are as awful as everyone assumes? Let me know below. xx


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