One Week, One Wash… Tell it Straight

…Of my hair, I did wash myself, and showered every two days, I mean I’m not an animal!

Straight Up For What?

I have been trying to keep the condition of my hair, well, not crappy, as I spent most of my youth destroying my hair with box dye, bleach and quite a bit of overzealous straightening. I have very fine hair, which also falls into the categories of frizzy, curly and OH MY GOD, IT’S THE HUMIDITY!!!

Which means that my hair has suffered greatly over the years, because who hasn’t burned off half their hair in an unfortunate candle accident? (Looooong story)

Adding to the scenario, I’m currently pregnant, and as a result, I haven’t dyed/trimmed/given menacing looks to my hair since I found out. However, I plan to bleach and dye my hair like pastel rainbow unicorn poop once I have the fresh human, and I need to make sure that my hair can handle this!

So, between leave-in conditioners, hot oils, hair masks and more coconut oil than you can shake a stick at, I have cut down my hair washes to once a week. In addition to this, if I style using heat, which is rare atm, I only allow myself to do this once a week also.  This is how I got on with one week, one wash, with straight hair.


I decided to live life on the edge this week by straightening my hair. Whoo, go me! I did have to spend most of Sunday combing my wet hair to cull the frizz a bit. (Oh and I rubbed a small bit of argan oil through my damp hair to tame the beast) Monday morning, when the tiny terror was at Nursery, I straightened my hair on a low heat, gave it a comb through, and that was that. I like to straighten my hair just enough, so that it’s a sleek, but not quite frazzled plastic wig hair.



Tuesday’s hair was still relatively smooth, but today was a full toddler day, which meant keeping it out of my face, AND the munchkin’s grasp. So I went for the ever popular 90’s low double ponytails/not quite buns look. That way I didn’t add to many kinks to it. By the end of the day though I had it up in a basic low pony, because my uber fine hair kept slipping through the hair ties.


Ah yes, the failed top knot attempt. For some reason, I struggle immensely with these “effortless” styles. Most girls try a messy top knot and look like Zoella, whereas I seem to resemble Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. On the plus side, it kept the hair out of my face, and away from the infant, who had made the grand decision that my body existed solely for him to wipe his snotty nose on.



Hospital time! It was the check up with my consultant, so I needed fuss-free hair and there was the possibility that I might need to walk home, in windy/rainy Irish weather, so containment was the aim of the game. Enter, my favourite plaits ever, the fishtail braids! I love these, they’re so handy, I find them much easier than doing normal plaits, aaand the receptionist complimented them. She even asked me how to do them, to which my response is the same to any question, Youtube. Honestly if you don’t know how to do something, you will more than likely find a Youtube tutorial on it.


So I may have sort of, kind of, a little bit, slept in my braids (I did, I definitely did) which left some mini waves in my hair, and I decided to roll with it. I did my best attempt at a waterfall braid. I try and pin my hair away from my hair as much as possible, otherwise I grease it up by running my fingers through it 501 times. At this point, it was getting a little bit greasy around the nape of the neck, which was fun.


Saturday was a busy day, a snuffly toddler, a tween stepdaughter, the in-laws were visiting, and I’m waddling around from room to room, like a constipated duck in need of a hip replacement. The hair was starting to feel a bit grimey now. So the best idea was to pin it, pin it up and back, and out of the way. The front of my hair has a waterfall braid, leading into another waterfall braid, leading to the back on one side. The other side has a simple French braid leading to the back. The back of the hair consists of three fishtail braids, fluffed up and folded over each other, with the ends pinned under. The pinned up braid is one of my go to no-nonsense styles, because it is just so handy.



Today’s the day that I wash my hair. I have pinned my hair up, using two mini hair donuts to create teeny tiny double buns, because I’m just too adorable dammit! Later on I’ll be washing my hair with a shampoo bar from Lush, I can’t remember the name, and it’s just listed as “shampoo bar” on the site. But it has cinnamon and clove bud in it, so it’s very refreshing, and tingly. Still deciding on what conditioning option to go for, but I’m thinking that this week might be a basically braided week, as I am far to lazy to set my hair today. I guess we’ll find out.

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