Planes, Trains & Abortions

I wasn’t planning to do a serious post today, but here we go. On Saturday, a twitter account @twowomentravel was set up by a woman and her friend, one of which was travelling to the UK from Ireland to have an abortion and they are live tweeting about it. Women and men are campaigning arduously all over the country in an attempt to get our Taoiseach (Prime Minister/President) Enda Kenny to hold a referendum, to let the people vote to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution.

People are going nuts over this, I for one think it is a very real way of keeping this in the public’s eye. I’ve been reading the arguments for and against this action, and from both sides. I have to say, that a lot of what I read made me very angry and upset. I’m not going to lie, at one point I was sobbing over my keyboard. Now that I have gained some composure, I as a mother two, a two year old and a two month old, this is what I have to say on the matter. The statements in red are actual statements from people commenting on this.

Live tweeting????? Thought these women were supposed to be devastated. Mentally tortured , & whatever else the feminnazi movement would like to label. Are we going to have Abortion Parties instead of Hen Parties abroad??? 😠

Woohoo, everyone get on the Abortion Bus, gins all round! These women could be dealing with insurmountable anguish, however sitting in silence and brushing it under the table is helping no-one.  Openly talking about this does not make their pain null and void.

Speaking as an atheist feminist I think it’s chilling how the repeal the 8th movement is framing abortion as an unassailable women’s right.
An individual’s right to control their own body should not, in a civilised society, extend to the right to kill another individual who inconveniences her. There are 2 humans affected by each abortion and that is a fact of nature not rhetoric.

First of all, a foetus will not survive outside the womb until 21 weeks. So it’s not killing an individual. Secondly, forcing someone to carry out an unwanted pregnancy is somehow a more viable option? I made a video about body autonomy and what this means in regards to abortion. Go check it out and then come back to me about this.

My heart is absolutely breaking for this woman. She’s live tweeting the intentional death of her very own child, flesh and blood. Maybe she’s hopeless, maybe she has no one who loves her enough to support her in motherhood or who is able to. Maybe she doesn’t understand that she already is a mother. Maybe she doesn’t know how powerful motherhood is, but then maybe she does and is afraid of how massively her life and all plans will change. There is hope!

Let me say this clearly for those in the back who can’t seem to hear me. A foetus is not a child. A foetus, is just that. Oh and here’s a thought for you, maybe she doesn’t want to be a mother. Maybe she has a loving husband who could not get time off of his work to travel with her. Maybe there is a fatal foetal abnormality. Maybe she was raped. Maybe the pregnancy is putting her life in danger. Maybe, just maybe, she does not want to be forced to be an incubator. Some women don’t want to be mothers, and that’s okay.

In fairness if they are live tweeting about abortion they are very far from the creme De la creme of society and are indeed tramps.

Of course, because talking about something automatically makes them scumbags? I read so many comments like this, women are sluts, it’s their fault they got pregnant, they are stupid, use contraception. I used contraception, I still got pregnant. The only way to ensure no pregnancy is abstinence. When men are given the option of abstinence or contraception, they choose contraception, funny that.

All of my friends which did abortion regret so badly is so sad and is not difficult to prevent this happening if you don’t want, don’t get pregnant!

Some women have gone on to have happy lives and be productive members of society even after having abortions. At the time it can be a harrowing experience, but ultimately it is the right choice for some women and to assume that everyone who has one will regret it is a very naive point of view.

Finally, I keep reading comments about how adoption is the amazing alternative to abortion when it really isn’t. Adoption won’t cure a fatal foetal abnormality. It won’t. Adoption doesn’t stop forcing a women to carry full term against their will. Pregnancy is closer to 10 months than 9. That’s just under a year, that’s a long time to be trapped in a situation that is destroying you. As someone who suffered through two difficult pregnancies and was at one point, hospitalised, it is a huge emotional and physical strain on any woman.

Please, stop harping on about lives lost, all you’re doing is stating that a woman’s life is less important than that of a jellybean that doesn’t exist.


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