3 of the Best Creative Chicks

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love art. I love prints, sketches, oil paintings on canvas, and I even went through a melted crayon phase. I am moving house and I am finally getting an office space, thank you Cthulhu, and I want a place where I can get creative. So I thought, what better way to get the brain rolling than to be surrounded by inspiration.

So without further ado, here are my favourite artists at the moment, oh and yes they just happen to be female, let’s share the girl love!


I am in love with this girl’s style, I really am, she uses puns, I bloody love puns, and she has a bold style like no-one else I’ve seen. You can literally look at her work and instantly know that it’s hers. Not only does her art dance majestically between literal and whimsy, she’s not afraid to use her art to send a message. She designed a selection of #Repealthe8th stickers, to raise awareness about the Repeal the 8th campaign that seeks to fix the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution. Basically women have less rights than corpses in Ireland, but more on that here. Anyway, I personally purchased the Space Hopper and it’s amazing, it’s a BUNNY IN SPACE!!! You can buy some of her amazing stuff here! So what are you waiting for? GO!


Right, so I may have bought a print already from this lady too. Okay, I did, I picked up the might fine Shine Bright Like a Diamond print. Jemma has a cute, sweet style, there’s something really delicate about her work. She really is a breath of fresh air, practically every single piece is brimming with positivity. From positive affirmations to general encouragement, looking through her work makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She is an ambassador for self care and self love, which you can check out on her blog. I will be purchasing more from her soon, I currently have my eyes on some adorkable, yes I said it, animal prints for the babies’ nursery. You too can order some of her amazing stuff here.


This gal tickles my geeky side, and also my unnatural obsession with flamingos. Every Summer I just can’t get enough of flamingos, melons, pineapple and cacti. I first found Tarnya’s stuff when I was looking for some Harry Potter watercolour art. There is something so very wistful about her aesthetic, it just catches me and draws me in. Now, I haven’t actually bought any of her work yet, due to the move, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I shall have that Harley Quinn silhouette if I have to give Chelsea grins to every schmuck from here to Timbuktu. I’m sorry, that escalated quickly, but you can find out more about this darling on her blog and you can buy some of her divine prints here!



If you get the chance, go check these girls out, they’re talented, so creative and downright bloody fantastic! I really enjoyed sharing these with you, do you know any artists that you think I should check out? 

What do you think about making it a monthly feature? Not just artists, but inspiring bloggers, vloggers, positive role models, etc, so that we can give each other a little boost, be proud of our community and what we bring to it. What do you think?


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