American Horror Story Roanoke Ghost Theory


If we have learned anything from American Horror Story, is that there are some places that when someone dies there, they stay there. Murder House, Hotel, are full of spirits doomed to roam the halls, yada yada yada.

So the house in My Roanoke Nightmare, and its surrounding land, 10 acres I believe, are brimming with the dead. The Butcher, dead, Murde nurses, dead, Priscilla, dead, maybe even those hillbillies are dead and are acting as good ghosts, trying to protect Shelby and Matt from all of the evil.

This week, the documentary within the show, breaks the fourth wall when Lee asks for the camera to be turned off when questioned about her other daughter who went missing years before. So lo and behold, we actually see the film crew, and the non descript area that they are filming in.


How about this? What if the trio did in fact die and the place they are filming in, is the Murde House, and they’re actually interviewing the ghosts of Matt, Lee and Shelby? I know what you’re thinking, but hey, didn’t unnamed crew member give Lee some water? Why yes, but remember that in AHS Hotel the ghosts were boozing and dining all of the time. Especially Mr March, he always had a glass in his hand, whenever he wasn’t training murderers that is.

What do you think of my American Horror Story ghost theory? What do you think the big twist is going to be? Let me know your AHS theories in the comments down below.


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