Top 5 Halloween Comedies

I love Halloween, I love all things spooky, creepy and downright dastardly! However I also enjoy a great laugh, because of course, who doesn’t!? If you like a creepy chortle I have just the thing for you! Here are 5 of the best Halloween comedies.

Carry On Screaming


I do love me some retro movies, I’m a huge Carry On fan and this one just takes the biscuit! It’s a perfect parody of the classic Hammer Horror movies, women are being abducted by someone or something unknown, with a long suffering detective and his bumbling assistant on the case, suspense, intrigue and a ridiculously catchy theme song who knows what will happen?

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil


This is the best horror/comedy that you’ve never seen. Alan Tudyck and Tyler Labine are in top form here, playing two friends going to vacation in their cabin, that we’ll call a fixer upper. They get mistaken for murderous hillbillies by some ignorant college students and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. I don’t want to give anything else away so go watch it, hurry!

The Addams Family Values


My favourite of all of the Addams Family movies, everything about it is amazing, from the birth of little baby Pubert, to the improvised retelling of the first Thanksgiving by Wednesday. You know what, I’m going to say it, I love Debbie, Debbie was a fantastic addition to the family, it also helps that Joan Cusack is absolutely fantastic in the part.



Who could forget the film that started the monochrome striped trouser fashion trend! Beetlejuice follows the uh…lives of a recently deceased couple as they try to get a grip on the afterlife while attempting to spook the new family out of their home. Resulting in a) an unlikely friendship with the teenage daughter of the new family, and b) the ghosts looking for help from the unscrupulous fiend that is Betelgeuse.

Evil Dead: Army of Darkness


This is my BOOMSTICK! Evil Dead is one of those trilogies that sort of isn’t. Evil Dead was scary, Evil Dead 2 was a bit more tongue in cheek and Army of Darkness was just a running gag, for all I know it was the result of a bet between Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. We follow Ash Williams travel through a dimension or maybe through time, who knows. Where he has to get the Necronomocon, save the Princess, kill the deadites and look damn cool with his awesome chainsaw hand.

There you have it, my top 5 Halloween comedies for y’all. Do you agree with my list, is there any that you don’t find funny, or maybe you think that you know of something better that I should have put there. Let me know in the comments guys! x


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