The Pyjama Proposal

The best laid plans of mice and men, and all that! Michael, otherwise known as Big, Tall & Ginger, decided that he was going to propose on our trip to Dublin, when we were at MCM Comic Con last year. He finds out my ring size, and orders the ring two months in advance, thinking that it will definitely be done in time for our weekend getaway. Being the geektastic couple that we are, he decided on a silver replica of the One Ring.


Michael had it all planned out, our toddler was at his Nana’s for the weekend, we were travelling down on the Friday,  he’d booked a swanky hotel, he was going to wine and dine me, we were going to have an awesome time at Comic Con. He was going to ask Alison Scagliotti (Claudia from Warehouse 13 & incidentally, one of my favourite actresses) to help him propose, he was going to have the camera set up, so that we’d have the moment forever. We had even booked the VIP lounge at some DubClub with other Irish Youtubers, so it was going to be one hell of a celebration…


But the ring didn’t arrive. So the entire week before we go, he’s being antsy. Going on and on about making sure I didn’t open any packages that came for him. Now, I was completely oblivious to the whole situation, assuming he’d ordered some new funky computer part that made everything 10 times faster, or at the very least emitted a calming blue light. So nothing arrives, he’s acting odd and I’m irritated that he can’t wait til our weekend is over before he worries about his PC.

So, we have super awesome fun times in Dublin and travel back up on the Sunday. Sleeping off our mad party weekend heads, we’re shuffling about in our pjs, and I’m making us a nice cup of tea when the postman arrives. In the interest of honesty, the truth is, I had to pee. So off I trudge upstairs, go to the toilet, and trudge back down. I walk into the sitting room, only to find Michael on one knee, like a confused squirrel in need of a hip replacement. There was something in his hand, so naturally I assumed that he had just dropped something.

Let’s be clear, it had never EVER crossed my mind that he was ever going to propose, because a) he had told me on several occasions that he never wanted to get married and b) weddings are expensive and Michael doesn’t like spending money.

Yet, here he was on bended knee, shaking like a leaf, with a ring in his hand. He apologised, saying that he wanted to make it special, that he had great plans, but he just didn’t want to wait anymore. So there you have it folks, that is the story of the Pyjama Proposal.



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