30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

Today is my 29th birthday and while some part of me is hyperventilating as I have some kind of quasi-life crisis, the rest of me is taking on the challenge of 30 things to do before I’m 30. That gives me one year to achieve all of the goals on my list. Now, I know that some things are more difficult and costly than others, but if I do this right, then I know that I can achieve it!

  1. Get another tattoo because I have my eye on something…
  2. Go visit Europe again, staying still is for sunflowers!
  3. Treat myself to some fancy make-up, the expensive stuff that I wouldn’t even consider getting.
  4. Go on the Harry Potter tour because I know I have an unnatural obsession and I need to accept that.
  5. See a play, preferably in the West End, I’d love a farce and not just because I live in one!
  6. Learn to swim as I’m really kicking the arse out of it at this stage, I live on an island!
  7. Go on a picnic with my family, a proper one, with a basket and everything.
  8. Go crazy with make-up, I mean why not!? It’s all just temporary anyway.
  9. Make my own donuts because I have an addictionand a finite bank balance.
  10. Do a half marathon, a real one, not netflix!
  11. Raise money for charity for obvious reasons.
  12. Read 10 new graphic novels because I haven’t read many in a while.
  13. Learn how to do fabulous brows, or at least stop looking like a member from a British indie grunge band.
  14. Go to a convention, go forth and prosper!
  15. Build a fort any kind of fort, maybe include the kids for free labour!
  16. Cosplay it doesn’t have to be fancy, I just have to finish it.
  17. Eat something unusual just not sushi, god knows I’m not built for that
  18. Learn to play an instrument, I’m not the most musically inclined person but I used to play the triangle in a marching band…not kidding.
  19. Make a new friend, otherwise I’ll have no-one to invite to my birthday bash.
  20. Become more body confident, love your curves girl!
  21. Make the EPIC sandwich, the sandwich to end all sandwiches, with more meat than any mouth should handle, oh and cheese, so much cheese!
  22. Finally play Cards Against Humanity, also see 19.
  23. Learn to make cocktails, possibly in the geek category, or involving gin. Either is good, both is better.
  24. Read 5 books from different genres that I wouldn’t normally, we all have to keep our mind open!
  25. Go on a scavenger hunt, I’ve always wanted to, I think I’d be great at it.
  26. Do something spooky for Halloween and stop being a huge wimp!
  27. Finish a crafty project for the kids! I’m looking at you mermaid tail!
  28. Go on a romantic break, just him and I, away from said kids. Make some time for each other.
  29. Start an art journal, and don’t give it to a child again like 3 years ago.
  30. Go to a festival, a proper festival, with mud and music and mayhem. Live it up!!!

So there you have it, my 30 things to do before I’m 30 list! Is there anything you think I should add onto the list? Is there anything that I’m missing? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below. Also feel free to wish me happy birthday, like, you know, if you want to…


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