BLOGGERCONF 2016-An Honest Review

I have been to my fair share of conventions over the years, Cosplay Con, Comic Con, Craic Con to name but a few. Wait, has anyone else notice how much conventions seem to like alliteration? Anyway, I took the arduous journey to Dublin for Bloggerconf, well not really arduous, it’s an 8 hour long trip and I slept for most of it!

It starts off with a typical registration process, you give your name, you get a wristband AND a bag of swag, courtesy of Meaghers pharmacy. Although I love swag, (I mean who doesn’t!?) but I always think that gift bags are the kind of thing to give people as they are leaving an event, not arriving at it.

This is for two reasons, 1) there a finite number of bags that a person can carry around with them at a convention all day and 2) if I can last all day without peeking, then it might be a week or so before I take a proper look.

Before the doors even open to the event itself, we are treated to tea, coffee and a photographer who told me to put my hand on Melise Amour’s arse, you know, normal stuff…

James Patrice was the MC for the day, and my God he is hilarious. When he wasn’t getting the crowd to shout out positive affirmations like “WE ARE ALL RIDES!” He was introducing us to each speaker, some of which were better than others.

Personally I preferred the speakers after lunch, however there my be some hangry bias there, I’m just saying. The thing is because I am a freelance copywriter and I am currently studying digital marketing, a lot of what was said, I already knew and as such I wasn’t too interested in.

Due to this, I almost left the #BLOGGERCONF2LG early, but then Sean Markey got up on stage and I started paying more attention, followed by Johnny Ward, it really was a boost at the end of the day.

This is all sounding rather negative, but truth be told I really enjoyed myself, I hung out with Julianna and Samantha for most of the day, and I got chatting to some great businesses AND I won a sonic toothbrush. It’s a funky looking toothbrush let me tell you.

What I would like to see next year are more panels and less lectures. I feel like interaction is key at these events and although I loved CherrySue and Darragh’s panel Just One Thing, I do wish that it was a little longer.

My vlog of the day will be going up on the channel this week along with the swag bag contents. So there will be more to see and more to talk about soon!

Did you go to Bloggerconf2lg this year? What did you enjoy most about the day? What would you like to see?


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