Humans Series 3 on the Horizon?

The creative team behind Humans, Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent have been having ‘dealings’ with US network AMC, but what does this mean for the show?

The crafty pair are keeping pretty tight-lipped on the subject, however they have signed an overall deal for the show. This could mean that they are planning on a third series in collaboration with AMC, and with how brilliantly the first series was received along with series two airing next month, it could just be perfect timing.


The show has already taken the UK by storm, thank you Channel 4, and when the US get to see that cliffhanger ending, it won’t just be the Brits who’ll be begging for a third installment!

The creators had said that the show had been written in such a way, that it could quite happily end where it ends, but it has just enough unanswered questions, unfinished story lines and compelling characters, that there is more than enough material for another series.

In addition, the dynamic duo have already been cooking up some ideas for future series.

“We have a very rough playful notion of what we’d do in series beyond two” –

Sam Vincent

The creators do feel that the show’s popularity has actually been on the rise thanks to the gloriously epic Westworld, which shares a similiar(ish) premise, with robots that may be more human than the humans themselves… Nudge nudge, wink wink!



The thing is, if you like Westworld, you should go check out Humans, it’s just like Westworld, except set in the present(ish) day…in England. Effectively Westworld is to Humans, as oranges are to satsumas. A satsuma might be smaller and less imposing, but it’s still a delicious piece of fruit.

Don’t forget that the second series of Humans airs in February 13th in the US, so if you’re in the UK, get on All4 an start streaming, so that we can chat about Mia, Niska, Leo and the Hawkins’ clan, go now, it’s okay, I’ll wait…

So… what did you think? Do you think that they should make a third series, or just quit while they’re ahead? Did you think that this lived up to or surpassed series 1? Let me now in the comics down below!


Would you, if you could, own a synth?



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