How Brexit Affects Movies and TV

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. You just can’t escape any mention of it these days. Even if you don’t like in the UK, Brexit might have a huge effect on the TV and film industry that you so dearly love, if Britain doesn’t get it’s act together. That’s stupid, I hear you say, it’s not like Brexit is going to spoil Game of Thrones.



Leaving the EU Means Leaving the Single Market

Basically, the single market is an agreement that allows free movement of goods, services, capital and labour. Currently if you live in the UK, you can go online and order a Blu-Ray from Germany and you won’t get hit with ridiculous import fees and customs charges. You just pay for your postage.


What this also means is, currently, if you are a sound engineer, or a lighting technician, make-up artist, cinematographer or even an actor, you can hop on a plane, or go through the Tunnel and start working in the UK without a special permit or visa. It also means that if you’re a British Actress, like Sophie Turner, who has a scene in Greece that will take two weeks to shoot, she can just jump on a plane and go film.

However, post-Brexit this will be rather difficult. When the UK leaves the single market, it removes free movement for British citizens abroad and European citizens within.

Creative Europe Paid Filmmakers to Shoot in UK

Creative Europe is a European Union funding programme which essentially provided funding and grants for those who wished to film in the EU. So shows like Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, etc and films including Dracula Untold, Your Highness, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman Begins, and so forth would have received incentives and extra funding to film in the UK.


Without these incentives, a multi-billion dollar/pound/euro industry is very easily ripped away. Which means that entire studios will have to close up shop and move elsewhere, the Republic of Ireland being the most obvious bet.

This also removes a huge chunk of the workforce, artists, carpenters, extras, all without employment when 3/4 of the film industry uproots.

So yeah, Brexit might have a teeny effect on the shows you love.


2 thoughts on “How Brexit Affects Movies and TV

  1. jsebastian says:

    Very interesting, didn’t know any of this either! I’m actually a community manager over here and and wanted to ask if you shared your posts on any other film/TV sites? If not, would you be interested in showcasing some of your work on our site?


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