Star Wars Spin-Offs They Should Be Making!

The Force Awakens The Last Jedi But There Are So Many More Star Wars Stories Left To Tell

When the prequels were still in the development stage, there were rumours buzzing around about a Star Wars TV channel and a 9 chapter story that Lucas dreamed up in one of his hand severing fever dreams up in the ranch. At the time it was laughed off, no-one expected there to be any sort of demand for that nerdy stuff, especially after the pitfalls of The Phantom Menace, of which there were many, but I digress.

Now the idea of a Star Wars channel makes absolute sense, no one’s laughing now. Apart from the ongoing Star Wars Skywalker Saga, we’ve had two Clone Wars animations, Star Wars Rebels and a standalone movie, with two more just like it on the way. Oh and those Ewok movies… The franchise is a goldmine, both economically and creatively. Even though Disney say the Star Wars expanded universe is no longer canon, it wouldn’t be too difficult to dip their hands in the bucket and produce movies and TV with the stories that are readily available.

Also, I for one will be sitting on the edge of my seat for the Chirrut and Baze novel, because I need that back story in my life.

Here are 5 of the best Star Wars spin-offs that could be made, in my opinion.

5. Order 66


Hey remember when Darth Vader went into the temple and slaughtered all of the younglings? Yeah. That was pretty dark. Then Order 66 is implemented and all of the clone trooper sleeper cells go off and BOOM! Jedi massacre.

Most of the Jedi Order get wiped out, pretty quickly in fact. However, we do know that some managed to escape and hide. So there’s the option of a Jedi manhunt, one on one, to clandestine meetings of loyal republicans aiding and abetting fugitive Jedi. Or masters and apprentice making their way together, from outposts to the Outer Rim. It can take nearly any angle, huge battle scenes to intimate escape, the possibilities are endless.

4. Battle of Tanaab


Oh Lando Calrissian, you silky voiced suave mofo. First off, if we can have a Han goes Solo movie, then by damn we sure as hell can focus on charm personified himself, sweet, sly Lando.

Back in Return of the Jedi Han quips about Lando’s promotion to general before the Battle of Endor. Then there’s a throwaway line by the general about his “manouver at the Battle of Tanaab.” Okay, so we don’t actually have that much info about it the battle, other than the fact that it might take place during the events of the original trilogy and may involve defeating a pirate fleet. Lando. Fights. Space. Pirates. That will get bums in seats.

3. Darth Maul


Darth Maul was always the little Sith that could, or at least should. I always felt that he was such a cool villain that chopping him up and throwing him away like an old coconut always seemed like a waste. He was deadly, he looked cool and of course, those acrobatics.

Star Wars soon realised their mistake and decided that splitting up is hard to do, Maul slaps on a pair of robot legs and becomes the Kingpin of a criminal empire, the Shadow Collective. The thing is, that’s just the start of the story, there’s at least 30 years of story right there.

2. The First Jedi


With Episode VIII titled as The Last Jedi, why not venture back and find out about the first!? We already know that Luke has sought the first Jedi temple during The Force Awakens, so there is history there somewhere.

This would be a great chance to have a completely different aesthetic for Star Wars, like a planet with limited technology, the rise of force sensitivity, an ancient tale, the channelling of kyber crystals and the first lightsaber!

Or it could even take into account the differences in beliefs within the force, marking the split and the choice of the light and the dark side.

1. The Jedi Sith War


I loved the Knight of the Old Republic games, well the first one was better than the second, but it was still pretty decent. Anyway, the Jedi Sith War is definitely something I could sink my teeth into.

Think about it, set at least 1000 years before Anakin was but a twinkle in his mother’s eye, there is a full blown war between the Jedi and the Sith, which is balls to the walls cool. To top it all off, this is way before the rule of two, so instead of relying on one master and one apprentice, there are bucketfulls of  Sith hanging about. Think of how amazing an epic battle would be with hundreds of evenly matched combatants with burning laser swords!

There you have my Top 5 Star Wars spin off stories they should make. What stories would you like to see on the big screen? Let me know in the comments! Oh and or course, may the force be with you.


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