GamerCon’s Silver Lining

Don’t let GamerCon ruin other conventions for you.

The dust has settled on what can only be referred to as the travesty that was GamerCon Dublin 2017. So I am here to tell you that this  situation, as terrible as it may have been, does have a silver lining.

You may be wondering what could possibly be so good about an unpleasant event? Yes it was a cattle-mart, yes it was poorly organised, yes it treated their volunteers and customers like crap. Oh and they also blamed the venue for all of their problems! This poor excuse for a gaming convention did highlight something, that there are much better cons out there.


The Irish Convention Scene

Whether you are into cosplay, gaming, sci-fi or fantasy, there are a number of cons all over the country that are available to you. Many of the conventions are run by the same core group of people, many whom I have met personally and have to say, are an amazing bunch.

I love a good con, however, a lot of the time if you’re not in the know, then you don’t know. I didn’t even know about conventions in Ireland until 4 or 5 years ago. Honestly, you don’t understand just how excited I was, that there were so many like minded people like me out there.


It’s a Community

The Irish con scene is a community, everyone calls on each other for advice, assistance and a good time. No-one wants to see a con fail, especially with some opinions that are held about cons.

Even at a Comic Con in Dublin, Danny John-Jules (Cat-Red Dwarf) stated that he found convention crowds to be some of the most considerate people he had ever met.

I filmed at Ireland’s first Cosplay Con two years ago, I managed to get my hands on a press pass, which I never thought I would have been accepted for, but hey, they felt that I deserved it, even if I didn’t have 500,00 followers.

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the experience.

Side note, one of the guys involved was so happy with my video of the day, that he passed on my details to his contacts who ran other, bigger cons. Seriously, they’re so nice.

Family Friendly

The majority of conventions are family friendly. They have sections for all age ranges and the option for family tickets, etc.

Cosplayers costumes and weapons have to be safe, foam only, no metal, wood, or hard plastic allowed. So you don’t have to worry that you’re going to get whacked with a Wizard’s staff and end up with a concussion.

Some, like MCM Comic Con have a kids area, where the little ones can receive a cape, get their faces painted, and lots of kid-friendly activities.

What Cons Are On!?

Here is a little list of some of the conventions happening here in Ireland, this year.

Gaelcon Convention
Itzacon Eire
Dublin Comic Con
TitanCon 2017
UL Brocon
Kaizoku Con Cork


There are plenty of other Gaming Conventions out there, that will treat you better than GamerCon did. Do not let one money-grabbing con ruin the Irish convention scene for you.

If you go to any conventions, let me know your experiences, and if there are any more that we should be sharing!


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