I Only Needed Wonder Woman to Not Be Awful

I went to see Wonder Woman at the local cinema this evening. The film was a long time coming and to say I was apprehensive, would have been an understatement to say the least. All I wanted, no, all I needed was for the next installment of the DCEU to not be terrible.

Man of Steel was meh, BvS was irritating at best, Suicide Squad was either so bad that it was good, or so bad that it passed good and went all the way round to bad again. Let’s face it, Diana was the best character in Batman Vs Superman: The Hunt For Martha. At this point I would have settled for this film to be good.

So the theatre had one screening today, so naturally I bought my ticket weeks ago, in anticipation. I practically ran there—it was more of a  jog/brisk walking—but I was ready to see Diana of Themyscira in all her glory.

No spoilers.

I cried during tonight’s screening of Wonder Women. Thrice. Maybe I’m a little bit more emotional today, maybe it’s because this film meant so much to me as a fan, as a woman and as a social scientist. Representation matters and oh my did she represent.

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman. She is strong, she is fierce, she is graceful without being delicate. Her fight scenes are brilliant, she kicks ass in cool boots and is beautifully shot without the enforced perspective of the male gaze. Sure there was a bit of dodgy CGI here and there, but it made up for that with a singing Scotsman and the absolutely amazing Amazons.

The film exceeded my expectations, it really did. I cannot convey how happy I am with this movie and I just want DC/WB to sit up and use Diana as the core of the Justice League movie.


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